New Opening Times starting 1st September 2014

As from September 1st 2014 we will be changing our opening times.  They will be as follows:-

Dinner- Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7.30 p.m.

Lunch – Sunday only 1 for 1.30 p.m.

Any other lunch or dinner available by prior arrangment for tables of 6 or more – please ring on 01889 507100

Lichfield Food & Drink 2014

Paul is demonstrating at Lichfield Food & Drink Festival

Saturday 30th August 2014 11am  - 12 noon


He is cooking Indonesian style Chicken Sate & Lamb (Kambing Panggang)

Sate Ayam, sambal kacang, acar

 Spiced chicken skewer, peanut sauce, picked vegetables


Ingredients – 4 covers

For the kebabs

2 no                 chicken fillets – cut in strips

8 sticks           bamboo skewers

For the Bumbu (marinade)

1 no                 Small shallot-finely chopped

1 clove             garlic- grated

1tsp                 Ginger-grated

1/2 tsp              sambal oelek

1-2 tbsp           Tamarind juice

1 tbsp               rapeseed oil

1 tsp                  ground coriander

1/2 tsp              ground cumin

1/2 tsp              ground turmeric or fresh grated

1 tbsp               light soy sauce

1/2 tsp              soft brown sugar

1/2 tsp              salt



1          mix the all the dry powders and the pastes in a bowl and moisten with the          liquids – ( if you have more than you need put it in a lidded container and store in
the fridge for up to 2 weeks)

2          place the chicken into a clean glass or metal bowl and add enough of the            marinade to cover, cover and leave for 1 hour in the fridge

3          thread the chicken pieces onto the skewers

4          Place onto a tray and leave in a fridge for up to 2 days

5          to cook heat a frying/griddle pan and place the kebabs in the pan

6          cook for 2 mins on each side and serve with a suitable sauce and a cold side      dish.


For the acar

Ingredients – 4 covers

1                        red onion – peeled & sliced

¼                     cucumber – fine strips

1                      carrot-peeled and fine strips

50 mls              white wine vinegar

50 gms             sugar


Mix the sugar and vinegar and bring to the boil, reduce
heat and simmer for a minute, allow to cool

mix all the vegetables together in a bowl and pour on
the pickle juice,  leave in a fridge for an hour

for the peanut sauce- makes about 280 mls


225 gms           raw peanuts ( with skins )

115 mls            nut oil

1 tsp                 ground turmeric

2 cloves            garlic-grated

1                      banana shallot- finely chopped

Balachan (shrimp paste) to taste- optional

1/2  no             mild red chilli- de-seeded and chopped

1/2 tsp              soft brown sugar

1 tbsp               dark soy sauce

250 mls            water

200 mls            coconut milk

1 tbsp               tamarind juice




heat the oil in a pan & add the peanuts & fry
gently for 4 mins

strain the oil off the peanuts, leave the nuts to cool
and reserve 1 tbsp only of the oil. Once cold blitz the nuts in a processor

put the reserved oil in a pan and add the garlic,
shallot, the chilli & the balachan and fry for 1 minute, add the turmeric,
soy sauce, water, & the sugar and cook for a further minute, add the
coconut milk and bring to the boil , add the ground nuts and simmer for about
6-8 mins until the sauce becomes thick

Serve or keep in a sealed container in the fridge
for up to a week


Kambing Panggang, mie goreng, buncis ketchap

marinated goat/lamb, Indonesian fried noodles, greens with soy sauce


8 no     Goat/lamb cutlets or chops

For the marinade       

30 ml               peanut oil

60 ml               lime juice

15ml                 sweet soy sauce

2cl                    garlic- grated

1/2 no              lemongrass stick-outside leaves removed and the centre grated

1 tsp                 ground coriander

1 tsp                 ground cumin

For the mie goreng

200 g               egg noodles – boiled in water,drained & rinsed

20 ml                sesame oil

2 no                 spring onions- finely sliced

4 no                 baby corn (sliced)

1 cl                   garlic-chopped

10 g                 ginger- grated

10 g                 galangal – grated


1 no                 mild red chilli- de-seeded & chopped

25 g                 mixed peppers – sliced

50 g                 bean sprouts

1/2 tbs              light soy sauce

1 tbsp               ketjap manis



for the mie goring

Heat the oil in a wok pan, add the onions, corn, garlic,
ginger, galangal, balachan, chilli and peppers and cook for 1-2 minutes ( if you are not keeping the mie goreng
vegetarian add any chicken or prawns at this stage)

Add the bean sprouts, soy, the ketjap manis and the
noodles and stir correct the seasoning

Serve straight away or lay it out on a large flat
tray to cool down. Store in a sealed container in a fridge for 2 days and
reheat in a microwave.


For the goat/lamb


trim the meat & lightly score the surface to allow the marinade to penetrate more

mix all the ingredients for the marinade together

pour over the meat and leave for 2 hours

heat a griddle pan and remove the meat from the marinade and place on

the griddle cook for 3 minutes on each side until golden. Cook to your

required degree, allow to rest for 2 mins. Serve with the noodles,  fried pak

choy and any other suitable greens seasoned with soy sauce

September 2014 ’5 course Taster Menu’ £35.00

September menu will appear shortly!

Enjoy the taste of summer in our new ’5 course August Taster Menu – £35.00′ comprising of five smaller dishes using the best of summer produce.  Available for Friday & Saturday dinner throughout August

(contents of some dishes may vary due to availability)

(five smaller dishes using the best of summer produce allowing

you lots of different flavours)


Church Leigh quail’s egg tartlet, beetroot & horseradish



Abbots Bromley smoked duck breast,

spiced crispy croquette, green apple 



grilled Cornish fillet, pea & leek confit, Blithfield crayfish bisque



chargriled spiced cutlet, slow braised neck fillet,

shallot soubise, wilted greens, fondant potato



a trio of berry desserts





 Our 2,3, & 4 course menu will also be available

Cook Now Dine Later – Entertaining vegetarians, coeliacs & diabetics



‘Cook Now Dine Later’


Thursday 11th September  2014

‘Entertaining vegetarian, coeliacs & diabetics’

Do you ever struggle when you are entertaining and someone on your guest list says

  ‘by the way did I tell you I am now vegetarian?’  It happened to us when we were first married  and had saved up for a leg of lamb!

10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

£68 including lunch, wine
tutoring & a ‘goodie bag’ to take home!

Champagne Brunch

Next Sunday Brunch is


Sunday 7th September 2014

Champagne Brunch           

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Champagne Brunch £22.00 (including a glass of champagne)

Brunch £18.50 (no champagne)

Child’s portion  £15.50 (no champagne)


Traditional Sunday lunch served every Sunday £25.00 for 2 courses

                                                                           £30.00 for 3 courses